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Al Care di Berlino Luxuria riceve il “Prix de Courage”

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Vladimir riceve il "Prix de Courage"

Ecco il discorso tenuto al CARE Benefit Party 2010 Berlino da Vladimir Luxuria dopo aver ricevuto il riconoscimento “Prix de Courage” per il suo impegno civile.

Berlin, GOYA
Nollendorfplatz 5
November 27th 2010

Vladimir Luxuria´s speech after receiving the „prix de courage“ for her activities. The other rewards went to Rainer Jarchow (activist against Aids) and Maxim Popov () Introduced by MP German Parliament Volker Beck.

I never forced myself to be courageous, the courage I had in life has always been spontaneous and natural, I am a very natural and courageous transgender. If I weight on two different scales the positive and the negative consequences of my courage I’m happy to admit that the positive ones are far more rewarding.

I have been abused, insulted, beaten up and pointed at, but my courageous sincerity has been repaid with my serenity, my good mood, my election 2 years ago at the Italian Parliament, my success in the books I write and on tv and radio programs I participate. My courage has been repaid by a day like this.

I promoted the first pride in Italy in 1994, I have been art director of Muccassassina, a very popular LGBT and heterofriendly party in Rome, I fought for civil human rights, I fought against lesbo/homo/ transgenderfobia and I proposed a law for the rights and dignity of the transgender community. I organized many events for the world AIDS day.

Vladimir Luxuria con Giacomo Lenzi

Vladimir Luxuria con Giacomo Lenzi

The battle for the respect of HIV-positive people who must never be considered as dangerous bullet people with a gun ready to shoot in the crowd but as people who have the right to live, to love and to be cured not only in the western world but everywhere from Africa to Asia. I have been promoter of safe-sex politics, I have never waited for the Vatican permission to talk about condoms. Condoms have to be used and can’t be substituted by any pill, at least so far. Having a condom with you doesn’t mean only to be a provident but also a very optimistic person. Use it, use it in all colours: natural, yellow, pink, glittering in dark rooms or white if you want the optical illusion to have it bigger. Use it in all different tastes and flavours: classical or lemon, strawberry or even spaghetti flavour if you are particularly hungry.

In 2008 I won a lot of money in a famous tv show and I decided to give € 100.000 to African Children in Mozambique, 500.000 children who are orphans of both their parents since aids victims. I also accepted to go to Mozambique together with a UNICEF delegation. Some days before my journey Pope Ratzinger affirmed that the use of condoms is a sin. I don’t know if this is a sin but I surely know that affirming things like that in Africa is a crime. I saw with my own eyes little orphans living alone, dying for diarrhea, drinking infected water, victims of malaria or sexual abuse.

Those children were looking in my eyes with a desperate prayer, with a silent message that broke my heart. They were asking “take me with you, don’t let me here alone to die” I always want you to keep in mind that courage is a human and political virtue, Berlusconi said it is better to watch beautiful girls than to be gay. I would say it is better to be a courageous and respectful transgender than to be any Berlusconi.