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GLBT Business Leader Forum: il keynote di Luxuria

Oggi Vladimir Luxuria prenderà la parola all‘International GLBT Leadr Forum. Questo è il discorso che terrà sul palco.

Thank you for the opportunity to talk on this very important occasion. I’d like to concentrate yourattention on the unequal working opportunities offered to transgender community.
In Italy we are not allowed to change our name and gender unless we change sex. If you have anew vagina or a new penis you can fill in the application for a job with names and sex you looklike. If you have decided to live as a transgender and not to change sex (more or less this concernsthe 80% of our community) you are compelled to refer to the gender of your birth. Unfortunatelyfew managers, shop owners, directors, presidents really believe in “meritocracy”, most of themdon’t even bother to verify the professional ability of the person in front of them, her cleverness,her talent, the result of her studies and good-will, her foreign languages knowledge and availabilityto move. Female to male transgenders seem to be a little more favourite than male to femaletransgenders, maybe because in a general sexist mentality there is nothing worst than to repudiatethe natural gift of your manliness.
If you’re not feminine enough rejection is more immediate, otherwise embarrassment or evendisgust comes soon after reading your documents.
It is not always so. There are increasing cases of trans people working in shops, banks, firms,industries and especially in call-center where you have to use your voice and patience and not your face.
There’s also another problem in regard to seasonal employment, fixed-term jobs and short-termcontracts. If you are beginning your transition during a fixed-term job, if you are changing youraspect you are more likely to lose your job: in case your manager is a transfobic one, your expiredcontract won’t be renewed without any explanation.
These kind of contracts make not only transgender people but also gay and lesbian more likely to beblackmailed, with the only difference that transgender people cannot hide their sexual identity.
I’m sure gay, lesbian or even transgender managers have a different sensibility and will do all theycan to make come true the European directive 2006 number 54 about antidiscrimination workingopportunities.
We deserve a better world where people can be appreciate for their know-how and not for theirsexual identity, the fulfilment of the article 1 of our Constitution: “Italy is a democratic Republicbased on work”.